Taking time for writing (and for my sanity)

As I alluded in my last post, being a mom, a wife, a full-time employee and a writer really makes you wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. And that you didn’t need at least 6 hours of sleep every night. (If only we weren’t made to need rest. I would get so much accomplished!)

We talked somewhat about this at my writer’s group last night. My writer’s group is a group of amazing women who all love writing and creating, in one form or another. Some like more journalistic writing, while others write poetry. Some create podcasts, and others are bloggers. Most do more than one of these (or a little of everything) in their daily lives.

What’s great about this group of is the fact that even though we’re all different and enjoy different things, we have so much in common as well. We talk about our struggles with fitting everything into our daily lives, what we think about success and failure, what inspires us, what we’re proud of, what we’re scared of … The list goes on and on.

I used to hear about writing groups and think, “No, I think it’s better to be on my own.” That was before I was a full time employee, recently married, buying a house and trying to keep everything going without letting it all crash to the ground in a screeching, broken morass, and there’s that blank page on my computer saying sarcastically, “How’s that novel you’re working on?” (Shout out, Family Guy.)

When we started our group a little over a year ago, I found my break in life. While I still don’t write as often as I should, at the very least, our group meets every month, and we’re able to talk. And vent. And laugh. Basically, we’re an outlet for our creativity. Sometimes we have planned specific topics to discuss. We’ve done some writing exercises to get our creative juices going. Sometimes we just let our hair down, relax, and jump from topic to topic as the conversation flows.

It’s amazing how much this group has done for me (and we discussed this a little last night). Just letting myself have those couple of hours every month where I discuss topics that I love – writing, books, music, etc. – with others who love these things as well is an amazing thing. Everyone – especially moms – should let themselves have that.

Yes, I say “let,” because when there is so much going on in our lives, you still have to make time for things you love, that inspire you, that relax you. If you don’t have those, I don’t think you’re quite letting yourself be a whole person.

I’ll discuss more about my group of amazing ladies in more posts later on, but for now, here’s a big shout out to my writer’s group. You help me keep my sanity, and that’s all a girl (and a mom) can really ask for.

I'm a lover of writing and books. I graduated from South Dakota State with a master's degree in communications in 2011, the same year I was first published. I'm a wife and mom, and I work in content and digital marketing in South Dakota.

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