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Working through disappointments

There are definitely some days when being a writer is interesting, and others when it is absolutely fun. Then there are other days when it makes you rethink your whole life. Others, you are disappointed. You’re disappointed when you are

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Self-publishing equals lazy?

Recently I read a story on The Guardian about the reaction to Sue Grafton‘s accusation that self-publishing equals laziness. Well, actually, she said: ” ‘…that’s as good as admitting you’re too lazy to do the hard work.’ The self-published books

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Quality in e-books: is it really so hard?

I think anyone who has bought some 99 cent ebooks off of Amazon or even bought these books while they were offered free for a weekend has noticed a disturbing problem with them: often times, the formatting/grammar/spelling – in short,

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How do you decide on a novel’s title?

After my first novel was published, I had a plan for the trilogy. That included their titles, or so I thought. My first novel is title Into Fire. I wanted the titles to be along those same lines, so the

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What is the proper price for an ebook?

There’s been a lot on the news wires and internet sites recently about the prices of e-books. What is too high? What is too low? There’s a wide range right now. You see e-books priced $10 or up. (The Language

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Author Interview: Stacy Eaton

Today is my first author interview on my blog. I’m very excited to have had a chance to work with Stacy Eaton, author of the My Blood Runs Blue series. Stacy hosted me on her blog last Wednesday, and I’m

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