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How being a journalist helps me as an author

I am both a journalist and an author. Are the two mutually exclusive? Obviously not. You do a google search for “journalist and author” and you come up with a lot of results of people who are both. There’s even

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What is the proper price for an ebook?

There’s been a lot on the news wires and internet sites recently about the prices of e-books. What is too high? What is too low? There’s a wide range right now. You see e-books priced $10 or up. (The Language

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What’s on my bookshelf? 4-4-12

This week’s “What’s on my bookshelf?” will go to my physical bookshelf, currently in the second bedroom of my two-bedroom apartment. It’s a little cluttered, as I haven’t taken the time to completely organize it like I would like. It

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Review: Angels of the Apocalypse, Part 1: Alignment by J.J. Harkin

Let me just begin by saying that I think the story of Angels of the Apocalypse: Alignment is a decent one. There is definitely potential in what could happen in the sequels. I don’t know what’s going to happen, though I have

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What’s on my bookshelf?

One thing I have been asked by people in the past is, “What books got you to read when you were younger?” or “Can you recommend any books for teenagers/young girls/middle school boys for book reports/etc.” As I publish young

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Author Interview: Stacy Eaton

Today is my first author interview on my blog. I’m very excited to have had a chance to work with Stacy Eaton, author of the My Blood Runs Blue series. Stacy hosted me on her blog last Wednesday, and I’m

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