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Making metaphors and analogies count

We’ve been going through a bit of a freak April snow and ice storm in South Dakota this week, and so everyone has been paying attention to the news (and news online, when they couldn’t get TV or when the power was

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Writing outside of the outline

I hate creating and writing from outlines. There, I’ve written it down. I’ve posted this for the whole world to see. Maybe now people will stop telling me to create an outline for projects.

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Being a happy writer

For me, some of the happiest times in my normal life are when I’m reading a good book or writing. When I’m working on a novel, it can be frustrating, aggravating, tearful and a whole host of other adjectives. Still,

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New blog look, new ideas

So my goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year with my blog have already failed miserably. I was going to work out (like everyone else in the world); I kept that up for about a month,

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Muse, where are you? Me against my writing.

It’s me against the computer. My eyes attempt a stare down of the screen, with the cursor mocking me with every blink. I type one halting sentence, and then stop. My mind is blank. I know where I want my

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Top posts of 2012 and what I’ve learned for 2013

Thought I would share the top blog posts of 2012, since I’ve been told it’s important to not only write posts, but to also analyze how those posts have done and what has worked to get readers to your blog.

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The world didn’t end, so keep writing!

Happy end of the world! Oh wait … we’re still here… Oh, well, then, I guess I should finish wrapping my Christmas presents. One cool thing that I’m going to be posting on my computer background for the New Year

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